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Welcome To Bingwa Sacco

Bingwa Sacco Ltd formerly Kirinyaga tea Growers Sacco was initially registered on July 1984 being the 1st tea growers Sacco in the republic of Kenya and in Africa. In 1993 it opened its FOSA services to members and changed its name from Kirinyaga Tea Growers Sacco to Bingwa Sacco Society Limited in 2009 due to the need to diversify to other sectors.  It was fully licensed by SASRA on 31st May 2011 being among the 1st in the county

The society is managed by 7 Directors and 3 supervisory Directors elected directly by the members (shares holders). Currently we have over 153,000 members derived from all sectors of economy in the country.

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Our Services Offered to You


Our Fosa Products

Ordinary savings account

Fixed deposits account at favourable rates of interest

Children’s account

Holiday account

Biashara account

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Other Services

Visa Branded ATM services

Mobile banking services

Ordinary and bankers cheques

Agency banking services

M-pesa service

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Our Loan Products

Development Loan

Emergency Loan

Business Loan

Education Loan

Check - Off Loans

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