Credit Facilities

Being savings and credit financial institution the sacco ha diversified credit facilities so as to meet the increased demand for financial assistance to its members. Since inception loan portfolio has grown to more than 7 billion which is well being serviced.

The Society gives loans to its members according to Loan Policy in order to ensure that there is fairness in granting of loans to members.

  • ·Salary advance-  Employees of private or public sectors
  • ·Micro-finance loan-Targets small scale farmers
  • ·Dairy and poultry advances –Repayable within 3-12 months
  • ·Group loans :-targets formed groups
  • ·Pension advance- Targets pensioned
  • ·Institutional Loan

·Development Loan :- Payable within 3-5 years

  • ·School Fees Loan :- Payable within one year
  • ·Emergency Loan :- Payable within 1 year
  • ·Farming Loan :- Given to farmers ie Horticulture

Women Enterprise Fund

The sacco have been recognized by the government due to its achievements and good corporate governance to be an intermediary for disseminating the financial resources that is disbursed to women  to meet its  core objective and mandate of economically empowering women for the economic growth. The fund is cheap and accessible by women at an interest rate of 8% at reducing balance method with no hidden charges.

Women can apply for the fund as group or as an individual.


Securities for loans

  • ·Guarantors
  • ·Title deed
  • ·Sacco Investments
  • ·Unwithdrawable Deposits
  • share certificates from recognized companies.