Organizations are driven by many factors and structures for growth and optimum realization of their goals and objectives. Many a times there is a lot of emphasis on factors of production, technological aspects, machinery and tools - forgetting the role played by people. No matter how good, modern or smart, all these other factors are, no matter how good and well documented policies and procedures, the ultimate driving force remains human resource

The Management

In 2008 the Chairman and in 2011 the CEO of the Giant BINGWA SACCO were awarded HEAD OF STATE COMMENDATION (HSC) by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya for their tireless efforts in promoting growth in cooperative movement and entire society development.

 This is an achievement to the sacco as the recognition symbolizes the impact of Bingwa Sacco products/services and management are excellent.

Marketing Department

In any organization marketing departments forms a main pillar  in the growth and developments and success of that organization. Bingwa  sacco is not an exception  of this and therefore the departments  have for many years been engaged in aggressive marketing which has seen the sacco to  grown to a higher heights. The team led by marketing manager James Kibui as the team leader has been patronizing and going the whole republic sensitizing on the sacco competitive products and services. Proper marketing plans and strategies have  been put in place and this has enhanced us to have a marketing advantage.

Cheap and friendly services  which are well diversified are the key pillar in marketing.Selling such these services make it easier for the marketers. Bingwa sacco policy is “all are marketers”, this includes the main marketers, BOD members  and the entire staff personnel team.

The success of the marketing  activities have been backed by the BOD by relaxing and allocating  enough resources for the department and the cooperation between all the team players are  devoted to see the success of the entire organization .

The departments has regards to all members who have assisted us in recruitments of new customers and through their own developments and improved living standards they have attracted many potential customers to our sacco.

Other Departments:

Operations Manager

Branch Business Development

Human Resource

Credit Department

Finance Depertment

IT Department

Insurance Department

Audit Department